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You have completly depleted your databases, but you have something brand new your company is wanting to launch, frustrating a?

NO! With over 20 years of experience in the Life Science Sector, our contacts spread far and wide, so let us help you reach those crucial customers!

Dedicated product launch
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Rent a Producer

We keep saying it, but its important, we have more than 20 years practice at this! So if you have a product, service or idea, then we can build an attractive online agenda/event to suit.

From start to finish our team of experianced producers are there every step of the way!

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Early 2022 - Exact Date TBA

Microbiome: Inside Out

Emerging Approaches Using Systems Biology & Machine Learning for Microbiome Research

DigiBase are excited to be hosting Microbiome Inside Out: Emerging Approaches Using Systems Biology & Machine Learning for Microbiome Research online event, set to take place in early 2022! Human Microbiome research is rapidly evolving, and an advancing conversation lies heavily within network-based and translational systems biology, to help further our understanding of the link between the gut microbiota & the full human biological system.

7th April 2022 - 10:30am - 13:45 CET

Spatial Biology – Accelerating Translational Research & Clinical Applications

The field of spatial biology is advancing rapidly and has already contributed to novel insights in neuroscience, infectious disease, and autoimmune disorders by opening up the study of disease pathology. Immuno-oncology on the other hand has been proving grounds for spatial biology tools, which are poised to transform clinical research in several key ways. Although it’s evident that spatial biology is supporting as well transforming drug discovery, tackling the spatial heterogeneity of tissue microenvironments from different angles, computational analysis of spatially resolved transcriptomic data and meeting the cutting-edge demands of biomedical research in general has been challenging. Furthermore, there is a significant need for collaboration between industry and academia for facilitating their application in pre-clinical and clinical settings.

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