Building the perfect agenda simply starts with an idea!

Here's a rough breakdown of the process...


So, you’ve chosen us to help create something special!

Once initial discussions have been made between yourselves and a member of our team and you have reserved something through our booking process, then the ball is now officially ROLLING!


Through preliminary phone call discussions, we can start to draft your event

Your now dedicated account manager will, will walk you through the drafting process of your event. Your input at this stage is essential! The more we know about the idea you would like to bring to life the better!


Connecting you to a producer

Once we have a rough draft, your account manager will then connect you with a producer. Our entire production team have knowledge across a wide variety of subject areas so you will be placed with the best suited!


You’re on your way!

You would have had in depth discussions at this stage regarding your event and what your hoping to get out for it. Now the fun part…..



Our “Think Tank” is very good! We market, we sell, we create and we push! With extensive sales & Marketing channels in place, we will have your event pushed through phone sales, dedicated email broadcasts and all social media avenues.


Today is the day!

The event is here and with our full support and dedicated registration pages. Your audience will be sat waiting and we will be on hand throughout!

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