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24th May 2022 - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Scotland

Transforming Digital Pathology & AI: The Path Forward

Successfully utilizing AI to transform your day-to-day workflow & How others are going digital.

Technological advances and the increased focus on precision medicine have recently paved the way for the development of digital pathology-based approaches for quantitative pathologic assessments, namely whole slide imaging and artificial intelligence (AI)–based solutions, allowing us to explore and extract information beyond human visual perception. However, there are several difficulties encountered in the practical use of AI in clinical diagnosis. These include the lack of sufficient annotated data for the development and validation of AI systems, the explainability of black box AI models and the difficulty in defining the ground truth data for training and validation. All of these together present significant challenges in the development and clinical translation of AI methods in the practice of pathology. We intend to serve this in-person event as a platform to discuss the above challenges and provide the attendees an opportunity to exchange expertise, experiences and actionable information through real time discussions.
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